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Marquette County road getting upgrade

MARQUETTE, MI-- The Michigan Department of Transportation is awarding a grant to the Marquette County Road Commission to improve County Road 492. The $375,000 will come from the Transportation Economic Development Fund. It will be used to resurface the roadway and add left-turn lanes at the intersection of CR 492 and Forestville Road/Commerce Drive. The total cost of construction is $500,000. The Road Commission will contribute $125,000. Officials say substantial commercial traffic, primarily...

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With three beautiful locales to explore, the Imperial Cities Tour to Prague, Vienna and Budapest will keep you busy.  Let us inform you ahead of time with the tour itinerary to know what to expect and when to expect it!

Yassiry Gonzalez goes to bed early. But often she wakes up around 1 or 2 in the morning. And from then on, sometimes all the way through dawn, the New York City high school student is on her phone — on FaceTime with close friends, or looking through Instagram.

"Sometimes, I'm so tired that I'll just fall asleep in school." She estimates the all-nighters happen once or twice a week. And on the weekends? "There's no sleep. No sleep."

Looking back, 2018 may be the year that a critical mass of people started wondering: Am I spending too much time on my phone?

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Accusing U.S. lawmakers of interfering in its affairs, Saudi Arabia has angrily rejected newly passed U.S. Senate resolutions ending U.S. support for the war in Yemen and laying blame for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the feet of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

This month, a comet called 46P/Wirtanen is doing a dramatic fly-by, giving Earth an unusually good view of its greenish glow.

The timing of the comet's apparition — and its seasonally appropriate coloring — have led some to dub it the "Christmas Comet."

Walt Lindala remembers the quiet in his remembrance of Christmas in the U.P. as the son of Finnish parents.


In recent years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cultivated friendships with rising nationalist and far-right leaders in Europe. His supporters say it's a smart diplomatic move to chip away at the European Union's longtime critique of Israeli policies — the nationalist leaders tend to be pro-Israel. But some Israelis argue Netanyahu is too accommodating of these leaders' controversial views on Holocaust history.

Planning a trip to to the Grand Canyon over the upcoming holidays?

You might want to have a Plan B...or at least bring your own trail maps.

While the Grand Canyon, along with the rest of the national park system, is expected to remain open in the case of a government shutdown, visitors centers at the facilities probably wont be. And some iconic sites, including the Statue of Liberty, may be closed altogether, if the park service follows past practices. That is of course unless Congress and the White House resolve their latest spat over funding the federal government.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Northern Michigan University grounds crews are trying a new method to keep sidewalks ice- and snow-free.

In an effort to enhance safety crews are pre-treating walkways with a solution of water and 23 percent salt. The brine solution has proven effective in thwarting the formation of ice.

HOUGHTON, MI (AP)--   Young artists interested in developing their talent through a wilderness experience can apply for the Teen Artist Exploration program at Isle Royale National Park. 

Two youths will be selected for 2019. Each will spend a week at the Lake Superior park next summer. They will explore their chosen art form, go hiking and canoeing or take boat tours. An artistic mentor will provide coaching.

Housing will be provided at the park's Rock Harbor Lodge.

Participants are required to donate a piece of artwork representative of their stay at Isle Royale.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   A state panel has recommended awarding $26 million in grants for outdoor recreation projects and land purchases. 

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund board last week forwarded its selections to the state Legislature for consideration.

The board each year endorses candidates to receive support from a fund derived through payments for development of state-owned minerals such as oil and gas.


Holiday programs

Many thanks to the 59 people who donated vehicles in 2018. Initiate your vehicle donation by Dec 31 and you can still receive a tax deduction even if it hasn't yet been picked up or sold.

Learning Through The Seasons

Learning Through the Seasons (narrated by Iris Katers) is the weekly program that promotes the educational benefits for young children with easy fun-filled activities.

Peninsula Performances

*Highlighting musical talent from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this program features recorded performances from large music ensembles, chamber groups, soloists and…