Kurt Hauswirth

Classical Music Host/ Programmer / Producer

Kurt lives in Marquette with his wife Abbey and son Graeme, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. He was born in Marquette and has been a Yooper his whole life. He loves spending time with his family, writing and producing his own music, reading, running, and listening to any music that catches his ear. Kurt graduated from NMU in December 2009 with a degree in Music Education, specializing in Choral Music. He taught music at North Star Academy in Marquette, Messmer High School in Milwaukee, and worked as an aide at Marquette Senior High School. Since 5th grade, Kurt has sung solo and in choir, played trombone in band since middle school, and was in multiple musical ensembles and theatre productions at NMU where he was also a voice student of Dr. Robert Englehart. Kurt hopes to continue collaborating with fellow musicians and sharing his love of the arts with all our Public Radio 90 listeners. In addition to hosting and producing Classical Music programs, Kurt will present local arts and culture features as well as interviews with musicians, composers and authors. He’s the one to contact to schedule an interview, and he also assists in the training of student on-air board ops. You’ll also see him around our listening area recording our regional classical music performances to air on Public Radio 90. Of course, he’ll also be joining us during our fundraising campaigns looking for listeners like you that help make everything possible.

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On this Tour Chat, Evelyn Massaro and Kurt Hauswirth discuss more things to do for fun and exploration in the Imperial Cities of Prague, Vienna and Budapest.  Listen as they talk about towers, thermal baths, and coffee houses!

Check our tour blog for full info on how to register for the trip, plus take a look through that itinerary to see what's scheduled!  Come have fun with us in the Imperial Cities!

Click here for the tour blog.


Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Pasqua Warstler, Director of Gallery & Regional Projects about summer fun and arts events offered through the Bonifas Arts Center.

Visit bonifasarts.org for more information about the event schedule and registration information for events, and also their facebook page.


Ever wonder if you need to stick to the travel itinerary when you're overseas?  There's plenty to do in the Imperial Cities, which means Prague, Vienna and Budapest.  Station Manager Evelyn Massaro and classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth talk about the fun (and some free!) things you can do on our next Public Radio 90 trip!

Check our tour blog for full info on how to register for the trip, plus take a look through that itinerary to see what's scheduled!  Come have fun with us in the Imperial Cities!

TaMaMa Dance Company Facebook page

The TaMaMa Dance Company performed their first full-length dance performance last summer, called "Horizon."  This summer, they present "FLOW," another full-length performance featuring original choreography, original music, video projections and lighting, all on the Forest Roberts Theatre stage.  Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Marissa Marquardson, Maggie Barch, and Maria Formolo about the project, the creative process, and how the dance, music and light come together.

The Crystal Theatre

Crystal Falls, MI --- The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra will kick off independence week in grand style at the Crystal Theatre on Sunday, July 1, 7:00 pm CST.

Marquette Symphony Orchestra / Marquette 365

Janis Peterson is the concertmaster and a performer in the Marquette Symphony Orchestra, and she stopped by our studios to talk about the MSO's Summer Strings Concert.  The Summer Strings are a small ensemble of string players from the MSO that perform in public spaces and spotlight the strings section of the orchestra.

Have you wondered what to do when you're overseas?  Do you have to follow the itinerary?  What do you do on a day in the city and you have some free time?

Join Evelyn Massaro and Kurt Hauswirth as they discuss the stuff that's not in the itinerary!  The two of them will have Tour Chats, where we take a dive into the fun things to do that are not on the schedule of events.  Maybe you will pack your swimsuit and jump in the thermal baths of Budapest; perhaps you'll have fun at one of many water parks in Vienna; spend some time with the animals of the Prague Zoo!




Judges Include: Adam Lambert, Tom Waits, The Script, Marc Anthony, Ne-Yo, Hardwell, Portugal. The Man, Kane Brown, 21 Savage, Kristian Bush (Sugarland), and More