Learning Through the Seasons

  • Hosted by Iris Katers

Learning Through the Seasons

Learning Through the Seasons is aired weekly on WNMU, Public Radio 90 Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm and again Saturday mornings at 8:35 am and podcast on WNMUFM.ORG.

Learning Through the Seasons  is a production of WNMU-FM and Grandparents Teach Too, a nonprofit organization founded by early elementary teachers, reading specialists, and early education childhood specialists Iris Katers, Esther Macalady, Cheryl Anderegg, Jean Hetrick and Tim Fox, who co-authored the book from which the programs are based.

Co-author Iris Katers narrates the weekly program that promotes the educational benefits for young children of doing the easy fun-filled activities found in the book that use readily available materials found around your home and community.

Click here to listen to the Media Meet program on Learning through the Seasons

For more information about Grandparents Teach Too visit grandparentsteachtoo.blogspot.com

You can get a copy of the Learning Through the Seasons companion book as your thank you gift for a donation of $100/$8.35mo to Public Radio 90. Click here to pledge.

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