Peninsula Performances

Fridays at 8pm (repeats Tuesdays at 1pm)

Highlighting musical talent from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this program features recorded performances from large music ensembles, chamber groups, soloists and more!


 Here you'll find a preview of what to expect on upcoming programs:

(Program listings subject to change - Please refer to previous Preview Guides for past information, or email

Sept: 2018 - NMU Music Ensembles

Friday evenings at 8pm ET (Encore Tuesday afternoons at 1pm ET)

8/31 & 9/4: NMU Percussion

Experience two NMU Percussion Ensemble performances featuring pieces incorporatingthe sounds of claps, sandwich bags, marimbas, and a South American Samba, recorded April 19, 2017; and compositions from Leroy Anderson, Christopher Rouse, Bela Fleck and more, recorded April 14, 2012.




9/7 & 11: NMU Choirs

Experience the sound of two NMU Choir concerts. Hear music from February and April of 2016, performed by the NMU Choral program which includes the University Choir, the Arts Chorale, and the Lake Effect Show Choir. You’ll hear the works of Hans Leo Hassler, Orlando di Lasso, Johannes Brahms, Alan Menken and more.



9/14 & 18: NMU Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band

Enjoy the sound of the NMU Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band, from concerts in March and April of 2017. Hear music of John Wasson, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Norman Dello Joio, Malcolm Arnold and more.



9/21 & 25: NMU Orchestra

This ensemble performed twice in the span of two months, October and November, in 2015. Some of the composers responsible for the repertoire in these concerts are Georges Bizet, Jacques Offenbach and George Frederick McKay. (10/14/2015 & 11/18/2015).



9/28 & 10/3: Marquette Choral Society

Savor two Marquette Choral Society performances from 2010 and 2017. A concert of Spirituals (recorded in Spring 2010) features Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit, I Wanna Be Ready, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, There is a Balm in Gilead, and more. An April 2017 concert includes Finnish folk song Water Under Snow is Weary, Ukko the Firemaker (Sibelius), and Sure on this Shining Night (Barber).


Stay tuned for more information on upcoming productions!

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Next on Peninsula Performances:

7/27 & 31: Superior Festival Orchestra 2003 / 2004

Revisit the Superior String Alliance’s Superior Festival Orchestra concerts from 2003 and 2004, with music of Mendelssohn, Enescu, Tchaikovsky and more.  Performances from July 2003 and 2004.

Friday evenings at 8pm ET (Encore Tuesday afternoons at 1pm ET)

Axiom Brass

Next on Peninsula Performances:

7/20 & 24: Axiom Brass


Lend your ear to the Axiom Brass Quintet, with a performance from their Siril Artist Residency on the campus of Northern Michigan University. Performance from March 2018.


Friday evenings at 8pm ET (Encore Tuesday afternoons at 1pm ET)


Marquette Choral Society

Next on Peninsula Performances:

7/13 & 17: Marquette Choral Society: Night Psalms / All Dvorak

Take in the sound of the Marquette Choral Society, in a world premiere performance of Griffin Candey’s “The Night Psalms,” along with Ralph Vaughan Williams's setting of “Dona Nobis Pacem.” Performance from April 2018.

Friday evenings at 8pm ET (Encore Tuesday afternoons at 1pm ET)


Peninsula Performances will return April 6th, 2018 with new programs.  Listen to the teaser, and check the listings below to get a preview of what to expect!


(Program listings subject to change)

Spring 2018:

April – Jazz Month!  We'll feature jazz ensembles from Northern Michigan University in the month of April, to coincide with the NMU Jazz Festival, this year April 12-13th 2018 featuring pianist/vocalist Aimee Nolte.  Enjoy NMU jazz as well as some bonus goodies as well!