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The state contractor for a new Advance Care Planning program discusses its effect on patient choice, end of life healthcare decisions, healthcare costs and other matters. The program helps individuals decide on the care received if unable to speak for oneself.

Former 9-term Upper Michigan Congressman discusses issues related to the Las Vegas massacre, Russian meddling in the last general election, healthcare reform, tax-cut proposals, the Equifax hack and other topics.

  Associated Press - Problems with the rollout of the new federal health law are widespread and well known, but residents of Michigan's rural counties have additional barriers to getting insurance.

Rural counties have some of the highest rates of uninsured residents, and those are coupled with concerns about doctor shortages and lack of transportation for many.

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   A proposal that would put new restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions is headed to the state Legislature. 

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers on Monday moved forward a proposal that would ban abortion coverage in standard health insurance plans. Women would only be able to purchase abortion coverage as a separate rider.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Delaying Medicaid expansion in Michigan is having another side-effect besides forcing low-income adults to wait three months longer for health insurance under the federal health overhaul. 

It also means there could be $73 million less for deteriorating roads at a time lawmakers are funneling more money there in part to avoid raising gasoline taxes and vehicle registration fees.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   A House panel plans to revisit a proposal to end Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's tax-exempt status and transform it from a charitable trust to customer-owned nonprofit.

House Insurance Committee Chairman Pete Lund says the twice-postponed hearing scheduled for Wednesday comes after lawmakers have ironed out most concerns with the legislation. The Republican from Shelby Township declined to specify which parts of the bills caused problems but he believes the reworked bill will "be fair to everyone in Michigan."

Affordable Care Act Update

Aug 11, 2012

Explores latest developments in the healthcare law, including implications of the Supreme Court ruling, impact on and response from states, changes to Medicare and other issues. Features Elder Law Attorney and Medicare expert Paul Sturgul.

(LANSING)- Gov. Rick Snyder is urging House Republicans to finish committee hearings soon so Michigan officials can start work on a health insurance buying website that's required under the federal health care law.

The Republican governor could set up the health insurance exchange himself through an executive order but told reporters Thursday he isn't "going to put down a gauntlet like that."

The federal government could step in with its own exchange if Michigan hasn't moved by mid-November toward setting up the online marketplace.

(UNDATED)- A rift in Michigan's majority GOP caucus will further delay a website for purchasing health insurance that's required under the federal health care law.

House speaker Jase Bolger's spokesman, Ari Adler, says that the republican caucus remains divided and won't be ready to act on the health insurance exchange when lawmakers return today after a five-week break.

Republican governor Rick Snyder wanted the house to use the one-day session to approve the exchange.

Al Goldis / AP

(Associated Press)- Governor Rick Snyder and his fellow republicans could find themselves knee-deep in health care issues Wednesday when lawmakers briefly return after a five-week break.

Snyder needs to get reluctant house republicans on board with his efforts to create an online site where individuals and small businesses can comparison shop for private health insurance.