Marquette Board of Light and Power

MARQUETTE, MI--   A power station that generates electricity for the Marquette area has burned its last pieces of coal. 

The Shiras Steam Plant in South Marquette was turned off last Friday. The Marquette Board of Light and Power instead is relying on the new Marquette Energy Center, which uses natural gas for fuel. The city-owned utility also will buy electricity from other sources.

MARQUETTE, MI (AP)--   There's more than light coming from new electricity generators in Marquette.

Residents say they're too noisy.

The company that makes the generators will be sending representatives from Finland. Tom Carpenter of the Marquette Board of Light and Power says he's visited some Marquette Township homes and confirmed the noise. He says he doesn't have any answers yet.

The Marquette Energy Center has three engines that weigh almost 400 tons each. The center has been generating power since late August.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Marquette Board of Light and Power is now generating electricity from solar panels. 

Officials say the 480-panel Solar Garden adjacent to the new Marquette Energy Center began producing power Tuesday. They say it’s the first commercial solar project in the U.P. that lets customers participate in solar power without having to install panels on their own property.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Residents of the City of Marquette have a couple of races and one big issue to consider in Tuesday’s primary election.

Three seats on the City Commission are up for grabs. The candidates are Tom Baldini, Justin Brugman, Peter Frazier, Tony Ghiringhelli, Matthew Luttenberger, Jermey Ottaway, and Fred Stonehouse.

Two seats are available on the Marquette Board of Light and Power. Those candidates are Edward Angeli, Dave Carlson, Jorma Lankinen, John Prince, and Tom Tourville.

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, MI--   A car crash cut power to residents in an area of Marquette Township over the weekend.

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched Saturday around 2:20 p.m. to County Road 492 west of Lake Enchantment Road. They say a Chevy Silverado had been eastbound on 492 when it left the roadway and hit a power pole, splitting it in half. Power lines draped across the roadway, causing traffic to back up.

The driver—a 28-year-old Negaunee Township man—wasn’t injured in the accident, which remains under investigation.

He was cited for careless driving.

What does the U.P.'s Energy future look like? We talk to officials about the changing energy industry, new Upper Peninsula generation, planning and related topics. Guests: Marquette Board of Light & Power Director Paul Kitti, Engineering Consultant John Reynolds, and Board Member Jerry Irby. Media guest Mining Journal Staff Writer Mary Wardell.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Marquette Board of Light and Power is warning people away from the frozen Dead River near Granite Street.  

Officials say kids are playing unsupervised on the ice, which is often unsafe near hydroelectric dams.  Recent cold weather may lead people to think the ice is thick enough to stand on, but water below the ice near the dam continues to flow and water levels fluctuate.  That interferes with the ice’s ability to form. 

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Marquette Police Department is warning residents about another scam making the rounds.

Officers say the scammer calls and claims to be an employee of the Marquette Board of Light and Power.  The caller says the victim’s power will be disconnected if payment is not made, and they provide a phone number to pay the bill.

Police say the call is a hoax.  They advise anyone who gets such a call not to give any financial or personal information over the phone, then contact the BLP. 

Walt Lindala

MARQUETTE, MI--   Three huge electricity generators are slowly making their way from Presque Isle to their new home at the Marquette Energy Center.

Made in Finland, the 17-watt generators arrived at the Upper Harbor by barge this week.  Officials have been working to unload the massive engines and get them on trailers so they can slowly make their way the 2.4 miles to the Board of Light and Power on Wright Street. 

MARQUETTE, MI--   Officials broke ground on the Marquette Board of Light and Power’s new Marquette Energy Center Tuesday. 

The $65 million project includes the installation of three, 17-megawatt natural gas generators that can run on fuel oil, if necessary.  The center will be constructed behind the current BLP building in Marquette. 

Residents will pay for the project through a 30 percent increase in their bills.  For the typical resident using 500 kilowatt hours that’s about an additional $18 a month. 

The center is expected to be in operation next spring.