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The Local Spin with Marty Gray (Interview & Performance)

Kurt Hauswirth

Marquette connections from a downstate home studio

The Local Spin is part of the new music discovery program The Shuffle with Kurt Hauswirth, where we feature local musicians on Public Radio 90!

On this edition of The Local Spin, we welcome Marty Gray, musician who currently resides in Ann Arbor, MI, but is originally from Marquette. He's released his own music since his 2017 debut album Eyeful, and returns with a new album called The Regular (a concept album of sorts), inspired by a night listening to a stranger unload all of his world-weary troubles.
Our discussion ranges from Marty's roots and formative experiences in Marquette, his musical background of choir, band, opera and punk drumming, along with the story of how a night of karaoke at Marquette-staple Flanigan's turned into the experience that formed the album.
Join us for a video interview and solo performance with Marty Gray, recorded in his home studio!

The Regular by Marty Gray released June 18, 2021 on all major streaming platforms.
Find the albumThe Regularon Spotify

Kurt lives in Marquette with his family and can’t imagine living anywhere else. He loves music, games, running, being near water, and a fine cold brew coffee.
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