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Court injunction blocks enforcement of dormant Michigan abortion ban


LANSING, MI (MPRN)— A Michigan court is blocking the state from enforcing its near-total ban on abortions until other courts weigh in.

The 1931 law that bans abortion in nearly all cases, except when the mother’s life is at risk.

It’s been dormant since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, but it’s still on the books. And if Roe is overturned as expected, the state ban would come back to life.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan pre-emptively sued over the law. They say it violates rights laid out in the Michigan Constitution and civil rights laws.

The Michigan Court of Claims ruling says that Planned Parenthood has a strong likelihood of prevailing in its lawsuit, and put a preliminary injunction in place.

That means the law can’t be enforced until other courts decide on the constitutional issues.