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Results of November 7, 2023 election




Burt Township


General operations millage renewal

Yes: 109 No: 58


Harbor operations millage renewal

Yes: 115 No: 52









Gladstone Area Schools bonding proposal

Yes: 798 No: 1,157



Brampton Township


Township millage renewal

Yes: 152 No: 57






Escanaba City


Councilmember at Large (2)

Tyler Dubord—1,244

Karen Moore—958

Rhonda Waters—767



Gladstone City


City Commissioner (2)

Judy Akkala—542

Brian Godfrey—378

Bradley Mantela—597



Mayor Advisory (1)

Judy Akkala—133

Brad Mantela—202

Robert Pontius—74

Greg Styczynski—69

Joe Thompson—412









Breitung Township


Breitung Township School District bond proposal

Yes: 1,128 No: 1,855



Kingsford City


Recission of Act No. 78 of Public Acts of 1935

Yes: 725 No: 440









Bessemer City


City Commissioner (5)

Tracey S. Maskewit—143

Bill McDonald—87

Mark Movrich—289

Linda Nelson—198

Peter Tacconelli—300

Daniel Uttke—77

Adam Zak—245



Erwin Township


Township operations millage renewal

Yes: 61 No: 9



Ironwood City


City Commissioner (5)

David S. Andresen—509

Joseph J. Cayer—400

Kim S. Corcoran—518

Nancy Korpela—382

Lauren Korpi—496

Jim Mildren—441

Rick Semo—418



Ironwood Township


Road millage renewal

Yes: 251 No: 91



Wakefield City


City Commissioner (2)

James S. Anderson—157

Pat Libertoski—267

Jean Rogers—88

Amy Tarro—101

Mike Zeckovich—161



Wakefield Public Library millage renewal

Yes: 295 No: 120



Wakefield road millage

Yes: 281 No: 132



Purchasing procedures proposed charter amendment

Yes: 290 No: 121









Iron River City


City Council Member (2)

Benjamin Garcia—177

Keith Hamel—84

RonJo Leonoff—257

Mark Polley—150

Dennis Powell—180



Park and trail millage proposal

Yes: 287 No: 158











Gwinn Area Community Schools bond proposal

Yes: 865 No: 1,378



Marquette City


City Commissioner (3)

Margaret Brumm—1,407

Jessica Hanley—1,609

Cody Mayer—2,026

Paul Schloegel—1,669

Corey Swanson—469

Sarah Wiensch—639



Board of Light and Power (2)

Dave Campana—1,863

Jerry Irby—1,408

Douglas McMahon—464

John Sonderegger—1,546



Michigamme Township


Operating millage renewal

Yes: 61 No: 39



Negaunee City



City Council Member (2)

Kevin N. Flohe—286

Craig M. Ilmonen—410

Timothy M. King—307









Sheriff’s Emergency Response & 24-Hour Road Patrol Services millage renewal

Yes: 3,228 No: 1,348



Harris Township


Fire truck and equipment millage

Yes: 176 No: 98



Mellen Township


General operations millage

Yes: 137 No: 38



Menominee City



Casey C. Hoffman—982

Jean Stegeman—937



Council Member, Ward 1

Cheryl A. Haupt—194

Jackie Nutter—191

Council Member, Ward 3

Steve Fifarek—373

Kristoffer Rusch—154









Ambulance millage

Yes: 1,888 No: 350



Doyle Township


Road millage renewal

Yes: 147 No: 45

Manistique City

City Council Member (3)
Joan Ecclesine—441

Kimberly Shiner—364

Isaac R. Swisher—132

Irma Gonzalez-Hider—157









Nicole was born near Detroit but has lived in the U.P. most of her life. She graduated from Marquette Senior High School and attended Michigan State and Northern Michigan Universities, graduating from NMU in 1993 with a degree in English.