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Stonehouse says Mqt smoking ban is step toward healthy city


MARQUETTE, MI--   A Marquette official says the new ban on smoking in city parks and beaches will have multiple benefits.

City Commissioner Fred Stonehouse says the ban enacted this week will help eliminate the dangers of second-hand smoke and curb litter created by cigarette butts. He believes it’s a step in the right direction of making the city cleaner and healthier.

“I think all of us know that simply passing an ordinance is not going to change public behavior—it’s not going to be this radical shift overnight—it’s one more step on a path of education that will gradually get us to a better city.”   

The new rule affects every park and swimming beach in the city.

Stonehouse notes police will be able to enforce the ban, but he says it will be used primarily as an educational vehicle to get people to change their behavior, not to find out how many tickets officers can give out.