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Cambensy discusses proposed COVID relief package


LANSING, MI--   State Representative Sara Cambensy hopes a COVID-19 relief package can be passed by the Legislature before Christmas. 

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is asking for $100 million for economic stimulus and to boost unemployment benefits. Cambensy says such relief is desperately needed, especially for businesses.

“I think that’s where the majority of the money, you know, she wants to put it, is to give some relief to those small businesses again that are really hurting the most as we do a semi shut-down, here.” 

Cambensy anticipates some pushback from Republicans, but thinks it will be a matter of ironing out details.

If the Legislature doesn’t get a relief package passed before Christmas lawmakers will have to wait almost another month to try again. Cambensy thinks that timeline will force both sides to come up with an agreement.