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The Local Spin with Sea Hounds

Cover Art for Sea Hounds' "Dissolving Dreams" EP
Sea Hounds
Dissolving Dreams cover art

A chat with Chelsea and Andrew of the Marquette band with vintage vibes

The Marquette band Sea Hounds explores escapism and dreams with a debut EP titled Dissolving Dreams.

Chelsea Monaghan of the band Sea Hounds was inspired by dreams for many of the tracks of their EP, which was released in August. The five tracks explore dreams, escapism, a sense of place, and more. Chelsea is the singer and songwriter, plus she plays rhythm guitar. She is one of four members of the band: Andrew Langberg (who joined her for a Public Radio 90 interview) plays bass and provides vocal harmonies, Dylan Trost plays lead guitar and also sings harmonies, and Vince Bashi plays drums.

Kurt spoke with Chelsea and Andrew about the making of the Dissolving Dreams EP:

A conversation with Chelsea and Andrew of Sea Hounds

Picture of Chelsea Monaghan (L) and Andrew Langberg (R) of the band Sea Hounds in Public Radio 90's studios
Kurt Hauswirth
Chelsea (L) and Andrew (R) of Sea Hounds

Find Sea Hounds' Dissolving Dreams EP on multiple streaming platforms or on Bandcamp.

Kurt lives in Marquette with his family and can’t imagine living anywhere else. He loves music, games, running, being near water, and a fine cold brew coffee.