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Violence Haunts Zimbabwe Ahead Of Elections

May 19, 2012

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To Zimbabwe now, where elections are in 2008 elections were marred by extreme violence. Now, elections are once again on the horizon.

And as Anders Kelto reports, violence is escalating while many are still trying to heal.

Patti Smith, Best Coast, Debo Band And More

May 15, 2012

On this edition of All Songs Considered, a strange mishap turns Robin Hilton into a robot ... and he/it is programmed to talk about how great a time the All Songs Considered crew had at our fantastic fun. concert. Hiltonbot 2.0 is good and all, but it could never take the place of flesh-and-blood, music-loving nerdery, so the show includes picks from the apparently-human NPR Music editor Jacob Ganz and All Songs Considered intern Dan Raby.

On this edition of All Songs Considered we get a preview of new music from the band from Iceland, Sigur Ros; We look back at the strange and comical music of Sparks, plus new music from Portland's Dandy Warhols, Wolf Parade, the gorgeous sounds of Eric Chenaux, and the Sardinian guitar, one of the world's largest guitars, performed by Paolo Angeli.