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Republican lawmakers criticize Gov. Whitmer on economy in State of the State response

Senator Aric Nesbitt.jpg
Senator Aric Nesbitt

LANSING, MI (MPRN)— Following Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State address, Republican lawmakers are setting an agenda in opposition to the second-term Democrat’s handling of the economy.

Wednesday’s speech was the first in 40 years where the Republican party was locked out of the governor’s office and held a minority in both chambers of the Legislature.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Aric Nesbitt delivered the GOP’s response to Whitmer’s address from a grocery store to highlight high living expenses. He says the governor’s promises to lower costs for Michiganders clash with her track record.

“Republicans want to take the governor's claim that she is finally ready to lower taxes seriously. But actions speak louder than words and for the past four years, her actions have been of someone who wants to take money out of your pocket, not put any money back in.”

Nesbitt says House and Senate Republicans hope to work in good faith across the aisle on economic development. But they want Whitmer to pare back plans that would induce higher state spending.