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Candidates make election pitch at Mackinac Island


MACKINAC ISLAND, MI (MPRN)— Michigan Republicans gathered on Mackinac Island this weekend to hear from candidates, mingle with one another, and discuss the party’s direction.

This year’s Republican leadership conference saw a smaller crowd than in past years—when multiple presidential campaigns would bring large teams.

But those who did attend were engaged.

A compact crowd gave presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy a standing ovation. He says Michigan remains key to his campaign.

“This is not my first, second, or third time here. We've been here several times in the campaign.”

State school board member Nikki Snyder says it’s an important chance to make her pitch to primary voters. She says her experience in elected office separates her from other Senate candidates.

“We continue to send people with business acumen, which is a good thing, I have small businesses in my family. I definitely understand the importance of that representation. But when we send people to negotiate at the table that don’t have that nuanced understanding of health care and education policy, they make deals that they don’t really understand.”

Businessman Michael Hoover says he can bring an outsider problem-solving perspective to the Senate. He says he’s gained that through running his recycling business.

“It is experience. The fact that I’ve been at this for 40 years. Working with people, I’ve employed hundreds and thousands of people. And I’ve also had global footprint. I’ve worked very closely with Asia and Europe. Several different countries.”

Other candidates in the race include former Congressman Mike Rogers and attorney Alexandria Taylor.

The main themes during the weekend included calls for Christian values in government and a distrust of science and global institutions.