Capitol braces for right-to-work fight

Dec 6, 2012

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--  Democrats at the state Capitol have vowed to fiercely fight a right-to-work bill if and when one is taken up in the Legislature’s lame duck session. The prospect of the measure coming up has increased tensions in Lansing.

Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta has more:

Demonstrators opposed to Michigan becoming the 24th right-to-work state filled the Capitol.  Their shouts could be heard inside the legislative chambers as lawmakers debated other issues while preparing for the possibility of a right-to-work fight.

State Representative Tim Greimel is the newly elected leader of state House Democrats. 

“Every, every possible means of opposing this that is within the bounds of the law is on the table,” he says.

Greimel says that includes refusing to cooperate on issues that are important to Governor Rick Snyder and Republican leaders. A right-to-work law would allow employees in unionized companies to refuse to pay union dues.

Tea party activists are also walking the halls and pressing Republicans to adopt a right to work bill before ending their lame duck session.