Classiclectic Connection: "Sonata Dementia" - Music of Harry Partch

Aug 12, 2019

"Sonata Dementia" by Harry Partch, featuring the PARTCH Ensemble
Credit Bridge Records, PARTCH Ensemble / Crossover Media

The Grammy Award-winning PARTCH Ensemble, hailed as "funny, moving, inventive and insanely theatrical" by the San Francisco Chronicle, announced the release of Sonata Dementia, their third volume of music by American maverick composer Harry Partch (Bridge Records 9525). Sonata Dementia follows on the success of the ensemble's Vol. 1: Bitter Music: Harry Partch's Depression Journal; (Bridge 9349 A/C); which earned a GRAMMY Award nomination in 2012 for Best Classical Compendium, and Vol. 2: Plectra & Percussion Dances (Bridge 9432), the 2014 GRAMMY Award winner for Best Classical Compendium, which was also nominated for Best Chamber Music Performance. Early reviews recognize Partch as "truly one of a kind, and the group PARTCH does a wonderful job of capturing both the letter and the spirit of his music."

Classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth had a phone conversation with John Schneider, the music director of the PARTCH Ensemble, about their third recorded volume of the music of American composer Harry Partch:

The PARTCH Ensemble
Credit Crossover Media

'Sonata Dementia' releases August 16, 2019; more information is available at