Coalition calls for Straits anchor strike report

Apr 5, 2019

MT. PLEASANT, MI--   The Coast Guard says there is no timeline set for the release of a report on the anchor strike last year on the Line 5 pipeline.

The Straits of Mackinac Alliance is a coalition of concerned citizens living along the coastline of the Straits. It’s calling on the Coast Guard to release the anchor strike report.

The group says there needs to be transparency around the incident and the Coast Guard’s response.

Ross Hammersley is an Attorney Representing the Alliance. He says the report could show how prepared the Coast Guard is for a Line 5 spill.

“Is there anything that can be extrapolated that can be used by the public to learn more about what might happen with respect to a catastrophic anchor strike that might hit the line 5 pipeline?” he says.

A Coast Guard spokesperson says the report has been completed at the local level and was sent to Coast Guard headquarters.

He says there is no timeline for the release of the report.