Concerns raised for recreational passport opt out bill

Oct 14, 2019

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Should you have to opt in or opt out of getting a recreational passport when you renew your registration? That’s a question currently up for debate in the state Legislature. 

New legislation would require people to opt out of paying for an annual pass to state parks.

Democratic Representative Tenisha Yancey has concerns. She says it’s easy for people to get into a routine with renewing their registration, and just not realize that they have to opt out of something.

“And I don’t want people paying for things that they’re not aware of that they’re paying for,” she says.

Supporters say that this change – from opting in to opting out – would increase the number of people who get passports. They say it would raise more money for parks.

But Yancey says some people can’t spare those 11 dollars and she doesn’t want them to spend if it they don’t mean to.