Domestic violence at a time of social distancing

Mar 27, 2020

MARQUETTE, MI--   Following Governor Whitmer’s order to stay at home can be particularly hard for those living with domestic violence.

Beth Casady is Executive Director of the Marquette Women’s Center. She says for victims of domestic violence, home is probably the most dangerous place to be.

“When you have everyone at home and you have a very tight economic situation—a very stressful time—we know that domestic violence is going on,” she says. 

Casady says the Women’s Center has been very quiet—as it has been nationwide—because victims have not been able to call for help. She says the governor’s stay-at-home order hasn’t closed the Women’s Center or Harbor House. The staff are mandated emergency workers.

“We have the resources and the ability to talk to people on the telephone. We could do counseling through Skype, but a lot depends on what technology they have available. But we are set up to do that and we have staff available all the time, now,” she says.

If you’re in a violent situation call 911 or call the 24/7 support line at 800-455-6611. You can also send the Women’s Center a message through Facebook.