Ex-lawmakers challenge Michigan term limits

Nov 21, 2019

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   A group of former state legislators is asking a federal judge to overturn Michigan’s term limits law. 

Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta says the eight ex-lawmakers include Republicans and Democrats.

The lawmakers claim term limits violate their First and 14th Amendment rights in the US Constitution.

But former state senator Roger Kahn says Michigan’s strictest-in-the nation term limits are also a bad deal for voters.

“If you want to have issues solved well rather than having to solve it and resolve it and resolve it because, oops, you didn’t solve it right, I think you’ve got better chance to achieve that with a more-experienced legislator.”

The ex-lawmakers are not making any specific demands, but say they’d be happy with a settlement that extends term limits so legislators could serve more time before being barred from running again.