Genre Fluid Friday on Classiclectic: 10/18/19

Oct 18, 2019

Genre Fluid Fridays on Classiclectic: Music exploration and discovery through the lens of classically-minded composers and musicians.  Explore beyond the horizon of classical music, Fridays on Public Radio 90, beginning just after 9:30am ET.  This time we savor new recordings of Mozart, Elgar and Beethoven, and explore the music of Michael Vincent Waller, Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble, a collaboration between Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Teddy Abrams & The Louisville Orchestra, and Little Kruta.

Genre Fluid Friday, on Public Radio 90's Classiclectic
Credit Kurt Hauswirth / Public Radio 90

To hear some or all of the featured pieces, save the Genre Fluid Fridays Playlist on Spotify to your library.

Credit Kurt Hauswirth