Genre Fluid Friday on Classiclectic: 1/24/20

Jan 24, 2020

Genre Fluid Fridays on Classiclectic: Music exploration and discovery through the lens of classically-minded composers and musicians.  Explore beyond the horizon of classical music, Fridays on Public Radio 90, beginning just after 9:30am ET.

Credit Kurt Hauswirth / Public Radio 90

We went all over the map today; classical music exploration with performers like Jade Simmons, The London Session Orchestra, Trio Accento, Timothy McGovern & Cara Chowning, Nadia Shpachenko, and Duo Deloro to name a few. Pieces included hip-hop piano, ancient melodies, the sound of an imaginary jazz club, a guitar duo, and a cello and koto combo. (Daily playlists can be found at the Classiclectic program page)

To hear some of the featured pieces, save the Genre Fluid Fridays Playlist on Spotify to your library.

Credit Kurt Hauswirth / Public Radio 90