Genre Fluid Friday on Classiclectic: 8/30/19

Aug 30, 2019

Genre Fluid Fridays on Classiclectic: Music exploration and discovery through the lens of classically-minded composers and musicians.  Explore beyond the horizon of classical music, Fridays on Public Radio 90, beginning at 9:30am ET.

On today's "soft opening" of Classiclectic's "Genre Fluid Friday," we explored music from New Amsterdam Records:

Caroline Shaw / Attacca Quartet - Orange
Credit New Amsterdam Records

Caroline Shaw - "Valencia"

Caroline Shaw's Orange, performed by Attacca Quartet, was released April 19th, 2019.  The album (a partnership with Nonesuch Records) features six of Shaw's pieces for string quartet.

William Brittelle - Spiritual America
Credit New Amsterdam Records

William Brittelle - "Forbidden Colors"

Another partnership between New Amsterdam and Nonesuch Records, the album Spiritual America from William Brittelle (American composer of genre-fluid electro-acoustic music) features collaboration with rock duo Wye Oak, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and Metropolis Ensemble.

Nathalie Joachim with Spektral Quartet - Fanm d'Ayiti
Credit New Amsterdam Records

Nathalie Joachim with Spektral Quartet - "Papa Loko"

The debut solo album from Haitian-American composer, flutist, and vocalist Nathalie Joachim is titled Fanm d'Ayiti, which translates to Women of Haiti in English.  Haitian heritage and lesser-known female artists are featured, with songs and stories told through the compositions and interludes.  The album features performances from Joachim, along with the string ensemble Spektral Quartet.

Caitlin Sullivan - A Page From
Credit New Amsterdam Records

Caitlin Sullivan - "The Last Question"

The debut album from New York City-based cellist Caitlin Sullivan is called A Page From, and features pieces from a multitude of contemporary composers (Timo Andres, Gabriel Kahane, Nicholas Britell and more).

More information available at each album's links, or directly from New Amsterdam Records.

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Genre Fluid Fridays on Classiclectic, with Kurt Hauswirth
Credit Kurt Hauswirth