A Great Way to Travel On Your Own Without Being Alone

Aug 6, 2015

Portuguese Riviera

Click here for the full itinerary for the Sunny Portugal Tour.

Do you like to travel but don’t always have a readily available travel companion?  It can be a bit daunting traveling to a foreign country alone; going through customs, finding transportation, safe lodging, making dining and sightseeing arrangements, not to mention language barriers.

Come travel along with Public Radio 90 and let Collette Vacations and Holiday Travel Vacations take all the work and worry out of your travel plans.

It’s a fun way to travel on your own without being alone. 

You’ll be with other Public Radio 90 listeners who also live in the U.P. or northeast Wisconsin, so you’ll already have something in common with your fellow travelers from the day you start your trip.  And the cost of a single room is a mere $400 more for the entire 10-day tour; providing solitude and privacy when you want it.  

We also host a bon voyage party two weeks before departure. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow travelers and make friends ahead of time and you’ll recognize people when you arrive at the airport.

Packing your bags is the most work you’ll do on the entire trip; no planning, no organizing, no reservation making, no cleaning, no cooking, no driving, no waiting in line.  Just pure enjoyment.

If you’ve never traveled on your own, our May 2016 trip to Sunny Portugal would be an ideal trip to give it a try.  Collette reserves 3 & 4 star hotels whenever possible so you have pretty luxurious accommodations.  You’ll spend 3-nights in Cascais at the beautiful Vila Gale Cascais Hotel, 1-night in Beja at the Vila Gale Clube de Campo, 3-nights in Algarve at the Vila Gale Lagos, and 1-night in Lisbon at the Mariott Lisbon

Click here for a complete trip itinerary and call Laura at Holiday Travel Vacations in Marquette to reserve your seat 906-228-6355 or www.holidaytravelvacations.com