Interview: Alexis Mahler, "Low Moon" performance August 2 in Marquette

Aug 2, 2019

Alexis Mahler with support from Christopher Lander Moore & Sawft Sea, August 2 2019
Credit The Crib Facebook Page

Alexis Mahler plays the cello, but in a way that is different, tender, and personal.  Originally from Marquette, she was entrenched in the local music scene in many kinds of performances and ensembles.  She eventually became interested in telling her story through her own music, and as a part of that discovery, she moved to Portland, Oregon and developed musical friendships there, too.  Now, she's back in Marquette for a reunion with some of her home musician friends for a performance at The Crib.  She's playing the cello, strumming and plucking strings, and utilizing her voice to let us in on her life's story so far on "Low Moon," her latest EP.

Alexis joined Kurt Hauswirth in studio during Classiclectic to talk about her music, her journey as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter, and how it feels to come back to Marquette:

Alexis will perform at The Crib on 401 N. 3rd Street in Marquette August 2 at 7pm, with support from Christopher Lander Moore (of The Chanteymen) and Sawft Sea.  Doors open at 630 and music starts at 7pm.

Low Moon, featured on Classiclectic today
Credit Public Radio 90

For more information, visit The Crib's Facebook event page, or check out Low Moon on Alexis Mahler's Bandcamp page.