Interview: Calumet Theatre 120th Anniversary Celebration - Concert and 2020 Season Reveal

Feb 25, 2020

The Calumet Theatre celebrates its 120th Anniversary Celebration with Erik Koskinen and the 2020 Theatre Season Reveal
Credit The Calumet Theatre

The Calumet Theatre has a rich history, dating back to their first production of the narrative poem The Highwayman, March 20th, 1900. Since then, the theatre (along with the village of Calumet) saw boom and bust with the copper mining industry that dominated the local economy. Now, over a century later, The Calumet Theatre still exists, and is preparing for their 120th Anniversary Celebration.

To celebrate, they've invited former Copper Country resident musician Erik Koskinen to return and perform, coinciding with the 2020 Theatre Season Reveal Event.

We spoke with Executive Director Marlin Lee about the direction the theatre is taking with this busy anniversary season in mind:

Credit The Calumet Theatre

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