Interview with Dory Shaffer & Marty Achatz, Peter White Public Library's "Great Decisions" Series

Jan 7, 2021

Credit Peter White Public Library / Marquette 365

"Great Decisions" is America's largest and oldest foreign policy discussion group. Peter White Public Library is holding their own version of the discussion group, where participants can read up on topics and discuss at a local level. The Great Decisions Briefing Book will be available, along with a knowledgeable speaker or video presentation; following that, participants can submit an opinion ballot to be shared with government officials and decision makers.

Marty Achatz, Adult Program Coordinator, and Dory Shaffer, Reference Librarian, speak with Public Radio 90's Kurt Hauswirth about the upcoming program, and how residents of the Upper Great Lakes can get involved:

For more information about the Peter White Great Decisions series and registration, contact Dory Shaffer at 906-226-4311, or email: