Interview with Jennifer Rupp of Michigan Humanities: Third Coast Conversations

Apr 1, 2019

Third Coast Conversation grants will support a series of statewide public conversations taking place in 18 communities through 2019 that focus on the cultural, social, historical, and environmental factors that connect Michigan’s people to their water. The project will be led by the Michigan Humanities in collaboration with their strong network of partner organizations across the state.

"Third Coast Conversations: Dialogues about Water in Michigan" are grant-giving opportunities through the Michigan Humanities, and allow statewide public conversations to take place in 18 communities in Michigan.  The state of Michigan is often referred to as the nation's "third coast" because of its miles of shoreline in the US, bordering four of the five Great Lakes.  Michigan Humanities, through funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, has announced awards of $5,000 for communities and organizations throughout Michigan to hold conversations and community events around water topics.  Northern Michigan University will be host to one of these conversations, focusing on tourism and sense of place.

Jennifer Rupp, the Director of Federal and State Grants with Michigan Humanities, visited our studios to talk more about Third Coast Conversations:

Jennifer Rupp, Director of Federal and State Grants with Michigan Humanities
Credit Public Radio 90

More information about "Third Coast Conversations: Dialogues about Water in Michigan" is available at

Michigan Humanities first annual Humanities awards are also coming up in May, and they are looking for nominations for the three categories of: Corporate Humanities Champion, Humanities Champion, and Community Impact Partner.   Nominations can be submitted online and the winners will be announced May 16th at the event in Lansing, where Kerry Kennedy will be a guest speaker.  More information found at