Interview with Tiina Harris & Niikah Hatfield: The Marquette Spectacle: Outré, An Alluring Dream

Oct 3, 2019

The Marquette Spectacle: Artistic Director Niikah Hatfield (L) and City of Marquette Arts & Culture Director Tiina Harris (R)
Credit Kurt Hauswirth / Public Radio 90

The Marquette Spectacle is an outdoor performance of grand proportions steeped in local culture; a celebration of community and art through pageantry, art installations, pop-up performances, percussion, theatrical dance and a street parade, inclusive and accessible for all ages and abilities.

The event returns after a year off (due to Art Center renovations) with a refreshed vision of what a community spectacle can be.  This past spring the Spectacle's vision was refreshed, reinvented and re-branded to include more than just Halloween frights, and cultivate a higher level of creativity and participation.

The event includes a parade down Washington Street, departing from the Marquette Commons to Harlow Park.  The park itself will include over 50 performances, art installations, live music and food trucks.  The evening concludes at sunset with a finale of dance and fire.

Kurt Hauswirth (also a participating performer this year) spoke with Niikah Hatfield (Artistic Director) and Tiina Harris (City of Marquette Arts & Culture Center Manager) all about this revamped spectacle:

The Marquette Spectacle: Outré, An Alluring Dream
Credit City of Marquette Arts & Culture Center

The Marquette Spectacle: Outré, An Alluring Dream begins with the parade, which starts at the Marquette Commons at 5:00pm, all the way until the sunset finale at Harlow Park.  More information at the City of Marquette Arts & Culture Center website or the Facebook event.