Lawmakers return with ballot initiatives on the mind

Sep 4, 2018

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   The state has to finalize the November ballot soon. And that means when the Legislature returns this week it has to decide whether to adopt two controversial ballot initiatives. 

One would increase the state’s minimum wage. Another would require employers to offer paid, earned sick time.

The business community has said the proposals would end up costing taxpayers in the long run.

Democrats are worried if the Legislature passes the proposals, it would only be to make changes to the law later.

Sam Singh is the leader of the Democrats in the state House.

“Obviously Democrats are opposed to that. To me it’s breaking the spirit of the Constitution and it’s telling the hundreds of thousands of people who signed these petitions that their voices don’t matter,” he says.

Republicans haven’t said that is their intention, and there’s still no word from Republican leaders if they’ll put the measures up for a vote.