Meetings set to talk about future of Isle Royale wolves

Jul 15, 2015

ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK (AP)--   Federal officials have scheduled four public meetings this month to discuss options for managing Isle Royale National Park's wolves and moose. 

The National Park Service announced Tuesday it's developing a plan for dealing with a sharp drop-off in gray wolf numbers.

Only three remain on the Lake Superior island chain, the lowest total since scientists began observing them in the 1950s. Wolves have helped keep the moose population from getting too big and damaging balsam fir and other trees.

Some scientists want the park service to bring more wolves to Isle Royale, while others say nature should take its course.

The meetings will be held July 27-30 at the park, in Houghton, and in Grand Portage, Minnesota.

A public comment period ends August 29.