Michigan bill would curb pre-approval rules in health care

Oct 28, 2019

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Fed-up doctors and health advocates want Michigan lawmakers to curb insurers' cost-control methods they say are delaying care, frustrating patients, and creating unnecessary red tape and expense. 

Physicians say requirements to get pre-approval from insurance companies once were limited to newer, expensive services and medications. But now, they contend, it has been expanded to necessary, routine and lower-priced treatments posing an administrative hassle and hurting patients.

A coalition is joining together to spearhead new legislation this coming week. It would place limits on insurers' cost-control policies known as prior authorization and step therapy.

The bill almost certainly will be opposed by insurers. They say they are ensuring that the most clinically appropriate care is being provided amid medical advances and exploding drug costs that are driving up premiums.