Online voter registration passes in state House

Sep 27, 2018

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Michigan is a step closer to letting eligible voters register online. The state House passed legislation Wednesday.

More than 30 other states already allow for online voter registration, and advocates say it will help modernize Michigan’s voting system.

Merissa Kovach is a policy strategist with the ACLU of Michigan. The group supports the policy, in part, because they say it will make voter rolls more accurate.

It’ll reduce errors when it comes to local clerks having to bear the burden of entering this information by hand from a paper form that someone filled out with their own handwriting,” Kovach said.

The bills passed with bipartisan support and now head to the state Senate – which sent similar legislation to the House earlier this year.

Kovach said, “It’s really bringing our system up-to-date where Michigan has lagged behind for a long time.”