Peninsula Performances 10/4/19: Special Edition - NMU Music Highlights 2018-19

Oct 2, 2019

Peninsula Performances, Friday at 8pm ET on Public Radio 90
Credit Kurt Hauswirth / Public Radio 90

Next time on Peninsula Performances,

Enjoy a variety show of the NMU Music Department, with a diverse program highlighting many kinds of talent; voices coming together in the NMU Choirs, talented Senior students, jazz, percussion and more!


Part One - Classical Pieces (Bach, Handel and Vivaldi)

Part Two - Student Opportunities (Dvorak, Kennan and original NMU student jazz compositions)

Part Three - Variety (NMU Percussion, Brass and NMU Bands)

Part Four - Beauty (NMU Choirs and traditional music)

Tune in Friday at 8pm ET, and again Tuesday at 1pm ET on Public Radio 90, WNMU-FM 90.1 in Marquette, or online at