Peninsula Performances 2/14/20: Superior Voices

Feb 13, 2020

Credit Public Radio 90

Next time on Peninsula Performances,

A special edition of the program for our February Fund Drive! Make your contribution to Public Radio 90 by clicking 'Donate' on at any time, and support local musical productions!

In this edition, we revisit gorgeous vocal and choral performances by performers across the Upper Peninsula area. Choirs, soloists, special guests and more will celebrate our common instrument: the voice.

The program contains selections from the following concerts:

  • Marquette Choral Society "Russian Nights" 4-27-19
  • NMU Choirs 10-8-19, 4-16-19
  • Kelly O'Connor 3-23-19
  • Danielle Augsburger 9-16-18
  • Stephanie Beinlich 3-15-17
  • Elizabeth Grugin 5-19-18
  • Hayley Kukulis 3-24-18

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