Peninsula Performances 6/21/19: NMU Choirs and Orchestra / Marquette Choral Society

Jun 19, 2019

Credit NMU Music Department
Credit Marquette Choral Society

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“Chant and Praise” is the theme of the NMU Choirs & NMU Orchestra concert from April 2019, where each ensemble is featured and then combined for their final piece.  Then, join the Marquette Choral Society for their Russian Nights concert (also from April 2019), featuring Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil and more.


4-16-19 NMU Choirs and Orchestra "Chant and Praise"

  • Gitanjali Chants - Craig Hella Johnson
  • Creator alme siderum - Richard Burchard
  • Ubi caritas - Maurice Durufle
  • Variations on Salve Regina - Barbara Rhyneer
  • The Ascension - Robert W. Smith
  • Te Deum - Dan Forrest

4-27-19 Marquette Choral Society "Russian Nights"

  • Veniki - Traditional
  • Let Thy Good Spirit - Pavel Chesnokov
  • Salvation Is Created - Pavel Chesnokov
  • All Night Vigil, Op. 37 - Sergei Rachmaninoff

Tune in Friday 6/7/19 at 8pm ET, and again Tuesday 6/11/19 at 1pm ET on Public Radio 90, WNMU-FM 90.1 in Marquette, or online at