Peninsula Performances August 2019 Listings

Jul 30, 2019

Credit Public Radio 90

Peninsula Performances - August 2019

Friday evenings at 8pm ET (Rebroadcast Tuesday afternoons at 1pm ET)




9/06 & 10

NMU Orchestra Children’s Concert 2-27-19 / 2-28-18

In time for back-to-school, the sounds of the NMU Orchestra’s Children’s Concerts reach all ages; music from film scores and familiar themes that are fun for everyone (from February 2019 and 2018).


9/13 & 17

NMU Percussion Ensemble 4-6-19 / Piano Duet Festival 2-24-18

Instruments to strike are featured this time, with the NMU Percussion Ensemble and a Piano Duet Festival.  Hear the marimba, snare drums, pianos and more from April 2019, and piano duets from February 2018.


9/20 & 24

Faculty Recital Series 9-7-18 / Faculty Jazz Trio 11-7-18

Music teachers take the stage, with faculty from NMU’s Department of Music showcased, with chamber music and jazz from concerts in the Fall of 2018.


9/27 & 10/01

Pine Mountain Music Festival 2018 & 2012: Bergonzi String Quartet Concerts

Savor the music of the Bergonzi String Quartet in a duet of concerts from the 2018 Pine Mountain Music Festival featuring music of Mozart, Barber and Brahms, and the 2012 concert featuring music of Hugo Wolf and Maurice Ravel.