PWPL hoping millages will prevent further cuts

Oct 2, 2018

MARQUETTE, MI--   Peter White Public Library in Marquette is hoping to stave off potential cuts through ballot proposals this November. 

Director Andrea Ingmire says the library is operating with $84,000 less than it should be because of the “dark store” issue and settlements between the city and WE Energies over the Presque Isle Power Plant. She says the library could lose another $140,000 over the next couple of years due to the complete closure of the plant and the hospital moving from the city to a brownfield site. Ingmire says instead of going to the City of Marquette, those taxes will go to pay off the brownfield.

A Headlee Override is on the ballot in three municipalities—the City of Marquette and Sands and Chocolay townships. Ingmire says the override asks voters to approve raising the millage to its original rate.

“I think that the biggest thing that people want to know is, ‘Is this going to increase my taxes?’ And the short answer there is yes, a little bit. But it’s resetting that millage rate to what was approved initially for the library for library services,” she says.

Powell Township will be asked to fund services for the first time, and Marquette Township residents will vote on a renewal.

Ingmire says the library is trying to be proactive in make sure it has enough money to operate in the coming years.

For more information on the millages, click here.