Rock woman arraigned in circuit court on animal cruelty charges

May 11, 2021

ESCANABA, MI--   A Delta County woman is headed to trial for allegedly running a puppy mill in Maple Ridge Township. 

Rebecca Johnson of Rock is charged with felony abandoning/cruelty to 25 or more animals and a misdemeanor charge of running an unregistered shelter or pound. Last August, 134 dogs and 18 horses were confiscated and brought to the Delta Animal Shelter after they were discovered on Johnson’s property. Many of the animals were in poor condition.

Johnson stood mute at her circuit court arraignment Monday. That translates to not guilty pleas entered on her behalf.

Because of a backlog of cases due to the pandemic, trial is set for May 2 of 2022. Johnson faces up to 7 years in prison on the felony charge and up to

90 days for the misdemeanor.