Sawyer International Airport named Airport of the Year

Mar 8, 2019

Credit UPMatters

Sawyer, MI - The Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics has named the Sawyer

International Airport in Marquette as Airport of the Year. The award recognizes the airport’s sustained excellence and contribution to aviation progress in the State of Michigan. Duane DuRay, Sawyer’s Airport Manager, was also presented a service award for outstanding contributions to airport development and aviation progress. DuRay is being commended for his part in the Grant Closeout Improvement Process. As a result, primary airports in the State, the FAA, and M-DOT will all benefit from the more efficient and effective grant closeout process.

Duane DuRay was awarded Airport Manager of the Year last September.

The awards are based on accomplishments in the areas of community relations, airport management, airport maintenance activities, and innovative activities and programs implemented at airports.