Snyder budget plan includes more taxes, money for schools, colleges

Feb 8, 2013

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Governor Rick Snyder’s budget proposal includes some big spending increases for road repairs and early childhood learning.  He revealed his spending plans for the coming fiscal year Thursday. 

Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta reports:

Higher fuel taxes and vehicle fees would raise money for road repairs.  Governor Snyder called for a big increase for early childhood programs, and a boost for the lowest-spending schools.

There’s some controversy over his plan to put more money into the state’s “rainy day” savings.  Some Republicans want that money put toward tax cuts instead.  Meanwhile, some Democrats say the additional money for schools is anemic compared to earlier cuts.

The governor defended the plan as a balanced approach that’s good for the state’s economy.

“Michigan’s economy is working well," he said.  "The question is how do we work better, go even faster.”

The budget also includes an expansion of Medicaid. The governor says that will save taxpayers and businesses money on health coverage.