Snyder faces choice on gun bills

Dec 17, 2012

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   Now that the Legislature’s lame duck session is over, Governor Rick Snyder has to make decisions on controversial legislation dealing with abortion and where people may carry concealed guns.  Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta reports:

Governor Snyder has said he prefers to stay away from divisive issues, but any efforts toward that end certainly failed in the lame duck session. The governor must decide whether to sign new restrictions on clinics that perform abortions, and to allow concealed pistols in churches, daycare centers, and public schools. The governor says the elementary school shootings in Connecticut will play a role in his thinking.

“It does strike you as something  that will really cause me to reflect even more on this bill,” he says.

“Will you veto it?”

That question came from Detroit News editorial writer Nolan Finley. The governor says he has not decided yet. His administration was officially neutral on the bills when they were voted on by the Legislature last week.