So Much To See And Do In Prague

Jun 28, 2018

Even with all the fun activities included in our tour itinerary, there's so much more to experience when we visit Prague.  Below are just a few of the cool things I hope to see when we're there.

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The John Lennon Graffiti Wall

John Lennon Graffiti Wall in Prague

Since 1980, it’s been repainted numerous times and is laced in graffiti lyrics from Lennon and The Beatles.

Prague’s famous Dancing House

Dancing House in Prague

Inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Prague’s Dancing House was designed in collaboration with Canadian-American Frank Gehry and Croatian-Czech Vlado Milunic.  The building symbolizes yin and yang, in this case, the blending of communism and democracy.

The Petrín Lookout Tower

Petrin Lookout Tower in Prague

You can actually climb the 299 stairs of The Petrín Lookout Tower to get an incredible view of the city!

The Zizkov Tower

Zizkov Tower in Prague

Often voted Prague’s most hated landmark, the Zizkov Tower has statues of climbing babies on it. Czech artist David Cerny is about as controversial as it gets – his specialty is combining the thought-provoking with the utterly bizarre, after all.