Speaker Chatfield testifies at Inman's trial

Dec 6, 2019

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (MPRN)--   The criminal trial of Representative Larry Inman is underway in Grand Rapids. 

House Speaker Lee Chatfield

The Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives testified Thursday.

Larry Inman is accused of trying to sell his vote last year. His lawyers argue that he didn’t change his vote for cash, he did it cause he was scared of reprisal from his boss—the Speaker.

Speaker Lee Chatfield disputed that in court Thursday. He said he wasn’t going to go after Inman for his vote either way and that he seemed to be desperate for campaign cash.

Chatfield did say no conversation he had with the lawmaker was unethical or illegal.

Over the course of six other witnesses called to the stand, Inman’s defense brought up his use of opioids. Several witnesses describe Inman seeming forgetful and scattered around the time of the vote.

Chris Cooke, Inman’s attorney, says he’s pleased with the case so far.

“The testimony is establishing that Representative Inman is not responsible for these offenses,” he says.