State seeks litigation advice against PFAS manufacturers

May 13, 2019

MT. PLEASANT, MI (MPRN)--   Attorney General Dana Nessel is seeking legal experts to advise the state on pursuing legal action on opioids and on PFAS chemicals that are being found in water around Michigan. 

In a statement Nessel said that “manufactured chemicals -- both opioids and PFAS -- are having a devastating effect on our residents.”

Kelly Rossman-McKinney is a spokesperson for the Attorney General. She says they are looking for experts to aid with investigations and possible legal action.

“The potential for multiple litigants are definitely out there,” she says. “So it’s not just manufacturers but it’s also those who purchased and then distributed and or abused those chemicals. Whether it’s opioids or PFAs.”

Rossman-McKinney says any attorneys or law firms who want to assist the state in these suits will have to work on a contingency fee, meaning that they would be paid only if the state wins its suits.

In her statement Nessel said the goal will be to “make those responsible pay for their greed.”