Stronger background checks required for child care workers

Oct 5, 2018

TRAVERSE CITY, MI (MPRN)--   Child care providers in Michigan now face more thorough background checks. 

A new law says anyone with a drug conviction is banned from working in child care for five years. It also forbids anyone convicted of a violent crime from living in a day care home.

Candice Hamel runs a child care advocacy group in Traverse City.

She says she understands the intent of the law, but it still puts a burden on child care workers.

“It’s inconvenient. That’s been the biggest issue, at least in this region, is making sure that people have time to go and get this fingerprint taken care of,” she says.

Child care providers had until last Sunday to submit fingerprints for the new background checks. The state contributed $5 million toward fingerprinting.

Hamel says child care is scarce in Northern Michigan, and the new law might force some providers to close.