Voters approve funding for Delta County schools

Feb 27, 2013

ESCANABA, MI--   Funding proposals in three Delta County school districts passed in a special election Tuesday. 

In the Gladstone district residents voted for a proposal to levy the statutory rate of 18 mills required to receive per-pupil funding from the state.  The millage—which failed last November—will generate more than $1 million for operations.  The vote was 736 Yes to 589 No.

The Mid Peninsula district also approved a renewal of 18 mills, which will raise about $837,000 a year.  That proposal also failed in November.  It passed yesterday by a vote of 292 Yes to 112 No. 

And Rapid River voters passed a $3 million bond proposal for facility improvements.  The money will be used to upgrade school buildings, construct an athletic storage building, purchase buses, and build playgrounds.  The vote was 220 Yes to 194 No.