Water Rising: Interview with Pasqua Warstler, Tiina Harris and Abbie Hanson

Oct 3, 2019

Pasqua Warstler, Tiina Harris, and Abbie Hanson
Credit Kurt Hauswirth / Public Radio 90

Several events and collaborations are taking place in October 2019 revolving around art, writing, water stewardship and community engagement for Water Rising, a joining of artists Garth Evans and Leila Philip.  The Michigan Humanities Council allowed a grant for the effort, which includes connecting workshops and events from the artists with the Fresh Coast Film Festival, Marquette Arts & Culture Center, the NMU Art & Design program and more.

Pasqua Warstler, Tiina Harris and Abbie Hanson joined Kurt Hauswirth in studio to discuss how these events come together:

For more information on Water Rising, visit water-rising.com or visit the City of Marquette ARts & Culture Center website.