Water Rising: Project Overview and Interview with Pasqua Warstler and Jon Magnuson

Sep 25, 2019

Water Rising Exhibit The Cedar Tree Institute (CTI) and the interfaith Northern Great Lakes Water Stewards is teaming up with other local art and environmental organizations to present to Marquette, Water Rising, an acclaimed art collaboration.
Credit Cedar Tree Institute

Water Rising is a MI Humanities Council grant that brings a project by the same name here to the UP. The Cedar Tree Institute is the recipient of this grant. Cedar Tree Institute is a nonprofit organization in Marquette, providing services and initiating projects in the areas of mental health, religion, and the environment. Other partners include; Marquette's Arts & Culture division, NMU's College of Art & Design, the Fresh Coast Film Festival, and Superior Watershed Partnership.

Pasqua Warstler (Project Director and Grant Writer) and Jon Magnuson (Director of the Cedar Tree Institute and grant recipient) spoke with Kurt Hauswirth at Public Radio 90 about the project in an overview of what the grant will help achieve, and the events and collaborations of Water Rising:

More information about this collaboration can be found at water-rising.com.  The full schedule of events, exhibits, talks, receptions and more are found at here, or on the poster below.

Water Rising, a collaboration with the City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center, Michigan Humanities Council, The Ray and Peg Hirvonen Foundation, Fresh Coast Film Festival, Cedar Tree Institute, and the Superior Watershed Partnership
Credit City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center